We have the experience and expertise to help you with a multitude of digital solutions to today’s online problems.

Advisory Consulting


  • Consulting to support the C-suite and development of strategy at your organization.
  • Support for your organization’s implementation strategy.
  • Assessment of your corporate strategy – information system alignment.

Social Media Marketing


  • Development of a social media strategy for your organization, complete with considerations for governance, use policies, crisis management protocols, and training procedures for your staff.
  • Design of a custom social media messaging plan informed by your operational context.
  • Evaluation of your current social media marketing communications through a scientific approach that triangulates consumer perceptions, user behaviors, and your organization’s social media goals and objectives.

User Experience


  • Assessment of your information system and digital interface through heuristic reviews, focus groups, lab-based (controlled) and/or field-based (naturalistic) usability evaluations, and accessibility testing for regulatory compliance.
  • Evaluation of your website information architecture through card sorting and treejacking methodologies.
  • Feedback on the perceived attractiveness of your screen or mobile web environment.

Mobile Delivery


  • Design your digital presence for mobile environments, from smartphones to tablets.
  • Create applications to enable repurposing of existing content for delivery on mobile platforms.
  • Develop proprietary solutions incorporating innovative technologies including iBeacon, QR codes, and NFC among others.

Data Driven Insights


  • Create a customized monitoring environment to inform your organization’s operations.
  • Develop and maintain reporting tools tailored to the needs of your end users.
  • Create a customized monitoring environment to inform your organization’s operations.